How to switch to RocketWebb Website Builder

RocketWebb Website Builder

Try RocketWebb Website Builder today – the easiest way to build a website. It requires no coding or design skills and includes:

  • 150+ fully customizable website templates
  • An intuitive drag-and-drop builder
  • Smart layouts
  • eCommerce functionality for all websites and business needs

While websites built with an external CMS are not transferable and need recreating, anyone can create a professional website with RocketWebb Website Builder in under 1 hour.

See for yourself and start building today with no strings attached. Simply head to the Websites section of your dashboard, click the three dots next to your website, and choose Change to RocketWebb Builder. You’ll be able to switch back within 14 days, and your website will be automatically restored to its’ earlier state, guaranteed.

At RocketWebb, we have a Website Builder that makes designing a website or online store a breeze ????

Whether you tried it and later switched to another CMS (such as WordPress), or if you started a website on a CMS and wish to use the Website Builder instead, you will need to apply this change on your control panel. The good news is you can do so with just a few clicks!

Since each CMS has a different coding, you will need to re-create the content. And if you change your mind, you’ll have 14 days to revert to your previous website.

To perform the switch from your current CMS to the Website Builder, go to the Store section of your panel. Navigate and click on the options RocketWebb Site Builder menu.

Next, select View Plans & Pricing:

Click the Free trial button Try Site Builder today for FREE

Next, select the existing domain of your previous CMS or Click A Domain I already Own, after selecting or entering a domain name, g ahead and click the Checkout Button. It’s absolutely free, with NO COMMITMENT.

Once you complete your order, head back to your Dashboard and scroll to the Build Your Site section, choose the domain you register your RocketWebb Site Builder with, and click the Manage button

A new tab will open with the Website Builder templates so you can start creating your new website right away!

That’s it! Now you know how to easily move from any CMS and create your site with the RocketWebb Website Builder ????

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