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Great brand starts with a great domain name!

Register a domain name and create your online identity. Use our advanced domain name generator to get your ideal choice right away.

Already have a domain registered somewhere else? No problem — domain transfers are free and easy.

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400+ Domain TLDs

Great brand starts with a great domain name!

With our easy-to-use domain control panel and industry-beating prices, we can help you get the best out of your domain portfolio. We have 400+ Domain TLDs available at the moment and we are counting.

Control Your Domains All The Way

Your domain name is your business’ home on the web, the heart of your online identity.

DNS Management

When you register your domain with Rocket Webb, you will get an efficient DNS management system, where you can change anything related to your domain.

Privacy Protection

Whois privacy service will protect you from unwanted emails. You can enable privacy protection for your domain at just $5.99/yr.

Control Panel

at Rocket Webb you can enjoy a hassle-free domain management tool. With our user-friendly control panel you can manage everything related to your domain.

Domain Forwarding

Do you need to point your new domain to another domain or subdomain or port? Rocket Webb gives you the option to forward your domain to another point.

Private DNS

The Private DNS are name servers that reflect your domain name rather than our default ones. Private DNS could be useful for branding your business.

Theft Protection

Lock your favorite domain names with free theft protection safely from unauthorized attempts to transfer them elsewhere.

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Easy web hosting for your business

Whether you want speed, simplicity, space, or super-power, we’ve got you covered.

Choose from shared, VPS, dedicated, and Managed WordPress options. Or, try Site Maker to get a personal site online.

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Add professional email

Simple, Powerful Email for Smaill Business

Impress your customers by sending emails from @yourwebsite.com. Get secure, reliable Private Email connected to your domain, complete with business tools and calendar from just $1.36 a month.

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Security for you and your customers

Security is a huge part of an online presence

Take the stress out of security with low-cost SSL Certificates, PremiumDNS, VPN, and more. Plus a range of features — like 2-Factor Authentication — is included completely free with your account.

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Are you afraid of running into trouble? You shouldn't be. Our professional and hands-on support team is ready to help 24/7/365.

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Our 1-click app install makes it easy to build your site with the app you love. Need a CMS? Joomla and Drupal are yours for a click. You have 125+ apps available with cPanel/Linux hosting.

Domain Extensions & Pricing

Choose TLDs at unbeatable prices for your next domain names. 24/7 customer support, theft protection, and a user-friendly control panel will give you the best experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about domain:


Your own domain name presents a physical point online – an Internet protocol address. The Web Corporation for Allocated Numbers and names (ICANN) governs co-ordination in the links among Internet protocol addresses and website names through the Web. With this particular consistent coordination, you will find websites on the web simply by entering website names in place of Internet protocol address into the Internet browser.


When site visitors get into your website name into an internet browser, the internet browser asks for uses your website name to get the website name’s linked Internet protocol address and, as a result, the website. Men and women use websites in place of Internet protocol address because it’s better to don’t forget a name instead of a compilation of numbers. Your website name and it is connected Internet protocol address are saved in a typical database in addition to almost every other website and connected Internet protocol address which is available over the internet.


Nameservers include the Web’s equal to phone books. A nameserver preserves a listing of website names that complement particular Internet protocol addresses. The content from all of the nameservers through the Web is obtained in the main registry. Nameservers make it easy for website visitors to gain access to your website with a common website name, rather than the need to don’t forget a few amounts.


At Rocket Webb, all domains registered by you are registered with your information. This means you are the owner and you can do with it whatever you want.


Yes. You can enable privacy protection for your domain just for $4.99. It will keep your information private and you can be able o skip the spammers.

30-day money-back guarantee

If you are not happy with our services for whatever reason, we’ll refund your payment. No hassle, no risk.

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